Does this sound familiar to you? 

...waking up to an empty inbox on LinkedIn after reaching out to countless prospects

…spending a lot of time and money to generate leads with little success

…being so busy with managing potential clients, you simply lack time to target new prospects

 …you tried LinkedIn automation but it just doesn’t seem to work for you 

Then that means we are a perfect match

4 reasons why

It’s nearly impossible to manually send the needed amount of messages to generate efficient results you desire from an outreach campaign. That’s why we step in and take over by targeting up to 800 new prospects each month. While you focus on other aspects of your business, we message prospects and keep track of when and if they reply (and follow up when needed!). Without Linkable, this would normally require a full time dedication of a business developer and a dedicated CRM. We bring you the same results, but at a fraction of the cost. 

You may have tried your luck with automation and outreach, but without the specific set of knowledge and skills needed to get the desired results, it’s unlikely you will benefit from these methods. So why continue to spray and pray, when you can use our proven methods and our value-based approach to do the work for you? 

Sales can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, especially if you don’t get the results you had hoped for. Using Linkable’s service allows you to focus on closing deals instead of having to deal with the endless hassle of prospecting. 

If you think you’re the only one struggling with finding the right connections and reaching out to them on LinkedIn, think again. By leveraging our own automated CRM and personalised campaigns, we connect you with your dream clients every single day. 

What makes working with Linkable different? 

Full inbox of dream clients

We make sure you wake up to a full inbox of messages and leads from your dream clients, every single day.

Fixed monthly rate

We work on a fixed monthly rate, no ad spend, no hidden costs, no cost per lead, no extra software, no commissions. You know exactly what you get for the right price, full transparency.

100% done-for-you

We do all the heavy lifting of new business development for you. You only take over when leads are already interested.

Only highly targeted prospects

We’re known for our highly targeted lead lists and personalised approach. This will get you the desired results you’ve been wanting all along.

Other companies

Low quality leads

Generate traffic to your website, hoping it will generate inbound leads, only to end up with a couple of leads that aren’t even qualified and blaming the website conversion for not getting the desired results.

High expsenses, low results

Make you spend thousands a month on expensive ads, SEO and content with little to no tangible results.

Time consuming lead follow-up

Make you spend hours per day reaching out to potential clients yourself, with only a very small percentage being interested in what you have to offer, resulting in a high - or even worse: non-profitable cost per lead.

Poor quality prospects

Generate poor quality lead lists from the wrong sources, while you end up with the wrong people on your lists and “spammy” or “salesy” outreach strategies. 

The 4 P’s of Prospecting

Our battle-tested Prospecting Framework

After working with hundreds of clients, we know a thing or two about what works and more importantly: what doesn’t. That’s why we use our own battle-tested framework to create your winning outreach strategy.

Personalized introduction

Proposition & relevancy

Pitch Value

Prompt Action

The 4 P’s of Prospecting

Our battle-tested Prospecting Framework

After working with hundreds of clients, we know a thing or two about what works and more importantly: what doesn’t. That’s why we use our own battle-tested framework to create your winning outreach strategy.

Personalized introduction

Proposition & relevancy

Pitch Value

Prompt Action

 Drive leads straight into your preferred CRM using our custom-built integrations

We build custom CRM and software integrations so you can continue business as usual. While you continue working the way you’re used to, we make sure your prospects, leads and valuable connections pop up in the right place in your systems, for you to continue to nurture them through your sales pipeline.


Your LinkedIn lead generation campaign live in 2 weeks

Step 1

Start your plan

Pick one of our plans that suits your business needs best. After that, you’ll be forwarded to our onboarding form. In this form we’ll get to know everything about you and your business, your ideal prospects and everything else we need to know to set you up for success. Next, you’ll be able to schedule your onboarding call with your dedicated account manager. 

Step 2

Lead list

With the information provided by you, our prospecting team gets started with your lead list right away. We aim to find 2500 of your ideal prospects for the first campaign.

Step 3

Message copy

Our copywriters start doing what they do best: writing your outreach sequence. Using our battle-tested framework and their experience in writing for different clients in all different fields, they’ll come up with the perfect messages that we will be using to engage and convert your prospects.

Step 4

Client approval

We send everything over to you for approval. You’ll be able to review the prospects and messages and request changes if needed, for you to feel comfortable and confident with our strategy.

Step 5

Campaign launch

After receiving your approval, you’ll have a short call with your account manager who will discuss the last details with you before going live. We’ll also provide you our best practices and tips for you to handle the replies and leads that will be coming in our easy-to-use CRM. We’ll set up your account, build the campaigns, build custom integrations with your own software and at last: we launch your campaign!


All our plans work on a monthly basis, so no long contracts or commitments from your side. 

Of course this differs per client (and which of our plans you choose). In general, our clients can expect between 8 and 30 leads per month, per account. 

Additionally, what we can say is that we never had a client working with us for 3+ months and ending up with a negative ROI. 

We typically advise our clients to reserve 10 minutes per workday, or an hour per week to handle the incoming replies and leads from our campaigns.

We offer different plans, which you can find here.

We charge a one-time startup fee of €990 and that's it. No variable ad spend, no additional software and no hidden fees or costs per lead. Everything is included in our fixed monthly fee. Also, we guarantee to have your first campaign live within 2 weeks thanks to our smooth client onboarding, so you'll see results fast.

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